Key Stage 5 is the programme of A-level and AS level studies that students engage in over two years, Year 12 and Year 13. In terms of their future career and university access, these are the two most important years they have. Success at A-level invariably leads to offers for enrolment at good universities, which will then determine how their professional life begins.

The A Levels are subjects with a very high academic level. Therefore, all students who come from other educational systems must have the Secondary Certificate from their countries and an excellent command of English.

In 6th Form at LAUDE BSV there are a wide variety of subjects to choose from including:

English Literature Business Studies Graphic Design
Mathematics Art French
Advanced Mathematics Geography German
Biology History Chinese
Physics Computing Science Psychology
Chemistry Physical Education Spanish


Our students use to choose 3 Levels + A Level Spanish.

With A Levels, our students have direct access to Spanish universities (without sitting the Selectividad examinations) but also have the option of applying to universities around the world.

Other Subjects Fase Específica (To access to the Spanish Universities)

  • Lengua Castellana
  • Geografía
  • Matemáticas Científicas
  • Matemáticas Aplicadas
  • Economía
  • Dibujo Técnico
  • Diseño
  • Física
  • Química
  • Biología
  • Historia del Arte
  • Fundamentos del Arte
  • Latín

A student can choose to do Lengua Castellana + 2 more exams from the “Fase Específica” list – the marks will be added to the results of the A-levels in order to raise the grade to 14.