Early Years & Foundation Stage at LAUDE The British School of Vila-real aims to provide our children with the best possible first learning steps. We strive for our children to grow and develop in a stimulating and safe environment, filled with amazing learning opportunities that both challenge and motivate our children to reach their full potential. We believe that it is our role as teachers to foster a love of learning, and to equip our children with the skills and resources required for a bright future.

Our students learn in a very exciting and stimulating environment. The building contains a range of carefully designed learning spaces, including flexible classrooms and outdoor rooftop areas.

We emphasise “active learning” and personal “hands-on” experiences, focusing on developing the learning process through free, directed and creative play, as well as through more formal activities. Technology and innovative education are important tools that support our teaching methodology, and allow us to make learning both creative and engaging for our children.